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Accounting Services

Financial Statements

We can assist in the preparation of your financial statements in accordance with current professional standards. A Compiled Financial Statement is used to meet the reporting requirements of lending institutions, lessors and insurers and to provide meaningful information to management. The statements are also used to facilitate your income tax planning. We can also prepare audited or reviewed financial statements if needed.

IRS Representation & Tax Assistance

We have extensive experience in dealing with the IRS in matters ranging from audit assistance, collection, appeals and other types of IRS representation.  These services are available to our existing clients.  IRS  assistance for new clients is considered on a case-by-case basis based on the facts and circumstances of your situation.   

New Business Startup

One of the most important startup decisions is the legal form of entity - sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or corporation. Each has its own positives and negatives, making the decision complicated. We will help and advise you on the best entity for your individual circumstances. We can also assist with any initial tax registrations that may be required.

Bookkeeping/ Write up/ QuickBooks

We will help you with your bookkeeping problems the way you want to be helped. We were one of the earliest firms in Hawaii to become affiliated with the QuickBooks Professional Advisors Program sponsored by Intuit (the makers of QuickBooks). We keep current with each version of the program as it is produced. Thus, we can assist you in maintaining your records in QuickBooks or we will do your bookkeeping for you, if that is your desire. We also offer QuickBooks training programs.

We can meet with you on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly or some other interval of your choice) to discuss matters of importance to you. We can help you budget, advise you of revenue enhancement and cost reduction strategies, suggest tax saving ideas and help you set up the appropriate retirement plan.

Payroll Preparation and Taxes:

One of biggest headaches for small business is paying its employees. We will assist you with payroll. The primary goal here is to avoid the very substantial penalties that can result from faulty payroll tax depositing and reporting. We can customize a payroll system that's right for you- not just a canned program offered by the national services.

Accounts Payable & Billpaying

We can even pay your company's bills, handle the necessary filings required by taxing authorities and ensure you miss no deadlines.

General Excise  Tax (GE Tax) & Use Tax Assistance

Hawaii has complex requirements for GE and Use tax reporting. We assist you in maintaining the proper records and preparing the reports needed to comply.

Hawaii Contractor's Financial Statement (Prescribed Form)

If you need a compiiled contractors financial statement (required when applying for a Hawaii contractors license), we can help. 

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